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We proceed our services globally, our agency based in the Middle East, using the
latest new tools of marketing. These tools include Responsive Web Design,
Strategic Email Marketing, SEO, Building UX and UI for websites, Commerce
solutions and Content Marketing, A/B testing, The company targets the most
influential audience groups and, in tandem, continuously adapts and optimises its
content and platforms to match the ever-evolving ways in which content is
consumed.Our market-leading brands inspire an audience to act through the
creation of compelling, captivating content that is delivered through multi-channel
media platforms. All content created by Neutlex is refined by people, guided by
data and amplified through cutting-edge technology. Every day an innovative
workforce of more than 400 including editors, social talents, coders, artists, creative
producers, event directors, video journalists and data scientists are driven to craft
concepts, create ideas and tell stories that change perceptions, instill behaviors,
evoke emotions and make memories.

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Professional team.


Head Of Operations

A.Al Sayed

Head Of Business Development

Mahmoud Hamdy

Head Of Production

Ashrakat Mohamed

Advertising Manager

Shihab Samy

Creative Director

Nada El Sebae

Line Producer

Ahmed Ashraf

Advertising Sales Associate

Sara Saad Hassan

Interior Designer

Ahmed Ismail

Head of Photography

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