How to boost your social media strategy in 7 creative ways!

How to boost your social media strategy in 7 creative ways!

  • Develop a multichannel approach

Marketers must realize that creating a cross-platform marketing campaign is way better than focusing on one platform only.

Putting in consideration, making sure that every platform is used in a unique way!


  • Invest in influencers marketing

To reach the audience you need, you should focus on their interests.

Relying on influencers marketing is a 100% winning situation, this way delivers the message as it should be and where it should go, as it builds connections with the target audience.


  • Engage commenters as quickly as possible

The faster you react to the comments, the more likely it is that other users will engage with your content as well. Get a social media monitor who’s always ready to reply to any user’s comment at the moment.


  • Amplify reach through look-alike audiences

Look-alike audiences rely on the algorithms developed by social networks to help you connect with users who are similar to your ideal customer profile.

Then you can run ads to drive viewers to your website or business page. In time, this strategy will help you to quickly grow a healthier social media following.


  • Measure strategy success through on-platform and on-site measurement.

Depending on what you find using a tool like Google Analytics, you’ll know if your existing strategy will lead to meaningful business outcomes, whether your users are exploring your content or do they just leave immediately.

  • Create a clear and unique brand identity.

Develop a strategy that articulates a clear and unique brand identity in novel ways using a mix of multimedia content to tell a cohesive story, Otherwise, your social media presence will simply be some derivation of another brand.


  • Find creative ways to delight people.

The average person shares a positive customer service experience with 9 other people. Finding creative ways to delight social media users is a great way to build an organic following through amplification and word of mouth.

Develop an editorial calendar and be sure to include delightful moments that make followers feel good about themselves and about your organization.

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