Media Production January 23, 2023

Freefire Booyah Campaign ft Marawan Pablo

  • Location

    MENA Region

  • Agency

    Neutlex Media

  • Work

    Media Production

  • Client

    Garena Freefire



The creation
of media production and commercial advertisements
for Garena Freefire
With precision and creativity
we meticulously crafted visuals and narratives that not only showcased the essence of this ambitious corporate
venture but also resonated with the target audience.

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Neutlex Media as we join forces with Free Fire for an exhilarating Booyah Campaign featuring the sensational artist Marawan Pablo.

Our collaboration brings forth an electrifying spectacle tailored exclusively for the MENA region, combining the excitement of gaming with the passion of music.

01. The Idea

Experience the Vision
Media Production & Ad Campaign
for Garena Freefire
by Neutlex Media

Through our expertise in concert coverage and multimedia production, we captured every pulse-pounding moment of Marawan Pablo’s performance, ensuring an immersive experience for fans across the region.

Additionally, our team crafted an original song to complement the campaign, amplifying the energy and excitement of the event. Join us as we redefine entertainment boundaries and celebrate the spirit of victory with Free Fire’s Booyah Campaign.