Media Production January 23, 2023

Versace Hotel Dubai and Xflight Event

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    Neutlex Media

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    Media Production

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    Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Hydro Water Sports



The creation
of media production and commercial advertisements
for Xflight and Versace Hotel Dubai<

Neutlex Media proudly presents the Video of the Xflight Show at Versace Hotel, a groundbreaking collaboration set to redefine extreme Events.

Unforgettable experience as we unveil a world of excitement and adventure right in the heart of Dubai. With the extreme show for Xflight

01. The Idea

Experience the Vision
Media Production & Ad Campaign
for Xflight at Versace Hotel Dubai<

Through our expertise in Hotel Media Production and multimedia production, we captured every pulse-pounding moment of Xflight, ensuring an immersive experience for fans across Dubai.

Additionally, our team crafted an Video Copy to complement the Hotel Experience, amplifying the energy and excitement of the Hotel.